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Hawaiian grammar edits[edit source]

I am the one who edited the Hawaiian language page and offered a second translation of Jose77's passages. I have now registered as an editor. I read this article, and it is in desperate need of revision. For now, I offer only a complete revision of the first paragraph. Also, the ten major concepts of this religion will have to be retranslated in whole by me, but I will have to consult with Jose77 on the exact meaning of each passage in English. Because my translations of parts of the passages were combined with those of Tauleonui, they do not make sense at all. --Hardwire 03:45, 18 'Aukake 2006 (UTC)

Use of 'oia'i'o instead of maoli[edit source]

Maoli can be used instead of 'oia'i'o, but I chose 'oia'i'o because it would less likely be confused with the use of maoli for "indigenous." But when I started editing, I must have used both words when referring to the name of the same relgion (Ho'omana Iesu Maoli, Ho'omana Iesu 'Oia'i'o), so I changed my last entry of the word Maoli. However, if someone decides to change it back to Maoli, they can, but every instance of Ho'omana Iesu 'Oia'i'o must be changed back to Maoli to prevent any ambiguity. --Hardwire 07:17, 22 'Aukake 2006 (UTC)