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Section 46 of the Copyright Law of Brazil — this non-image as presidents (wife first lady), senat, chamber and ministers in Brazil and Portugal (but are images others incomplete countrys). WARNING! Please do not image copy! — see Unlicensed characters.
Plínio Valério
kamil.: பிரான்சிஸ்கோ பிளினில் வலெரில் கோமஸ்
Hānau: 1955 (Eilunepe)
Nāunahanui: Palakila
Ka nohoʻana: Kālaiʻāina, lōunian
Sōnauni: Ana Lúcia Silva de Alencar
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«Hanisiko Plinio Walenio Komah» (pukī.: Francisco Plínio Valério Tomaz, kamil.: பிரான்சிஸ்கோ பிளினில் வலெரில் கோமஸ், keluku.: క్రంచిస్కొ పొలినిక్ వలెరిక్ తొమాస్, ʻīnia.: फरंसिस्वो प्लीनिक वलेरू तोमस; hānau ma: Eilunepe, 1955) — he mea kālaiʻāina mai palakiahine.

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