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Greetings Hardwire!

I have combined the English and Hawaiian versions of the article: Ka Ho'omana Iesū Maoli together so it can be easier to identify any translation errors.

(Thankyou very very much for all the help and effort!)

--Jose77 05:37, 18 'Aukake 2006 (UTC)[]

Hawaiian Interface translation[edit source]

Here is a list of System messages which you or User:Tauleonui might like to help translate to Hawaiian.

Thanks. --Jose77 09:59, 18 'Aukake 2006 (UTC)[]

Kia ora nō Aotearoa[edit source]

I made an stub article Liliuokalani, translated from the Māori article mi:Lili'uokalani. I couldnt find any protocol here about the tranlations of 'External links' and 'References' so I left these in English. Aloha Kahuroa 00:17, 9 Kepakemapa 2006 (UTC)[]